Fly Birdies

By Moutushi Ghoshdeysarkar

Dingy and his friends were stooped on a book when Lia rushed in with the big news, “Darling lost and found”, she screamed.

Everyone looked at him at once. Digi asked, “What happened? What are you screaming about?”

Lia took a deep breath and started, “You all know that I have two pet birds. One of them called Darling suddenly flew out of the balcony. Mom and dad searched high and low and had lost all hopes. Then a fine gentleman brought her back late in the night.”

Random said, “That’s great Lia, see we were just reading a book on how birds are able to fly?” Digi said excitedly,” Lia your bird could fly because she has strong and light bones.

This book says that the body temperature of a bird is constant at 40 degree centigrade. “Birds have wings covered with feathers, that help them take off, maintain balance and go in the direction they wish to”, added Dingy.

“Guys do you know that millions of years ago birds had front limbs, which turned into wings under a process called evolution”, chipped in Lia.

“Time to fly back home birdies”, called out Random. The group dispersed until next time.

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