By Moutushi Ghoshdeysarkar

Dingy went to a bonfire with his parents. They had loads of fun and they came back home late in the night. Everybody had to quickly sleep off as the next day was the festival of colours- Holi.

All fresh and happy the next morning Dingy heard his mother speaking over phone to his grandma that they had a gala time on the eve of the festival Holi. Dingy was about to ask but then Lia rushed in along with Digi and Random, it was time to play with colours! Dingy was amply tired by the end of the day having played and making merry. He slept off. His query got lost in the routine of life and in a couple of days he forgot all about it.

Then one day there was a buzz about Santa coming to town and giving gifts to children on Christmas eve. Everyone at home and around were very excited, Dingy’s mom gave him clean socks to hang on Christmas Eve. Now the query came back. He stopped his mom in the hallway and asked loudly why we are hanging the socks tonight if Santa comes on Christmas Eve.

Mom dad and seemed like the pets and even the furniture laughed aloud. But mom was apologetic and said she would explain right away. “The Eve”, she said, “means the night or evening before the d-day or the actual day of the festival or event. So the day before Christmas or the day before Holi are called eve of Christmas or eve of Holi respectively.”

His query answered, Dingy a relieved boy shot off to hang his socks and sleep tight awaiting the beautiful gifts from Santa.

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