War of the Realms – Chapter 4

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WOR_C4Chapter 4

Written in a curly handwriting, it said,


  1. Any magical spell contained in this book can only be performed by an Earth Mage.
  2.  No magical spell in this book may be copied, translated, transcribed, or in any other way reproduced in any form without the express permission of its owner and an Imperial Mage. The penalty for disobeying this rule is the removal of magical abilities, imprisonment for up to 20 years, a fine of 40000 dardams, any two, or all three of the above.


This book is the property of:

General Hector, Warden of the Fort of Jungar

His master opened the book to the next page. He read,

“Earth Magic is one of the most mysterious forms of elemental magic. It can be used for something as simple as growing plants yet it has the power to destroy armies. Magic, of all kinds, cannot be used solely with your power. You must have a source – and it is this source that lets you unlock your true power.

Air Mages are born into the air, and do not need any special advancement, for they are surrounded by the air from the day they hatch. Water Mages, similarly, are born directly into water. Fire Mages are thrown into a fire the very day they are born. Earth Mages on the other hand, cannot be buried under the soil, since even with their resistance to not suffocating if buried alive, they cannot survive for the time period necessary. Instead, they are fed Earthbeat when they are a week old. This gives them Earth Mage powers.

After drinking Earthbeat, powers begin to manifest. The first power is likely to be rock lifting.” And then Master Hector showed him a picture of the method.

It had a picture of a man feeling the power of the Earth and pulling it up within him. Next, he focussed on the rock and the power of the rock. Master Hector explained that all things of the Earth had their own power, and if they focussed, Earth Mages could see the marks of this power. Every single grain of dust had its own power. Using Earth magic to lift such things meant connecting your power with its, and then using the strength of that bond to lift or move or grow or control. Since the power was usually derived from the Earth, experienced Earth mages sometimes used the rock’s power as their power, and thus removing the need for a bond. They instead pull out the power of the rock and then use it to lift the rock. Apparently, the magic in all creatures and things of the Earth gave them weight. A similar correlation existed with water magic, though weaker. In fact, that was why the Air people were so light in air, because their Air Magic overpowered their Earth bond. Similarly, the Water people were nearly weightless in water, and the Fire people nearly weightless in fire. If an Earth Mage grew his own personal power to large amounts, he could become extremely heavy. In fact, there had once been a Master Mage so powerful, he shook the earth when he walked. Usually, he diffused his power, to prevent this from happening. So basically, if you pulled out the rock’s power, you would make it weightless, and if you bonded with it, the weight was shared equally between the rock and the Mage, so that it was easy enough to lift. The more powerful the Mage, the more power he absorbed during a bond and the heavier he got, in turn making it easier to lift the rock. Derek thought he understood. A bit.

Master Hector then suggested Derek go outside to practice. Derek walked outside and spotted a fairly large boulder. He pulled up the power of the Earth. Immediately, the rumbling grew ten times louder. He focussed on the rock, pushing up on it. As he bonded with the rock, for a moment, he felt the rock’s power mixing with the one he was using and more power flowing into him. The next moment, the rock felt almost weightless to lift. The rock shot upwards. It moved so fast Derek could barely see it. He quickly released his power in surprise. He saw the rock, far above them in the sky, falling back down. He tried channelling his Earth power to slow it down, but he wasn’t accurate enough. In the end, he used his power to push out in a sort of shield in front of him just as the rock hit the ground and shattered. As a piece of rock shot towards his face, he strengthened the power protecting him, desperately hoping it would be enough. As the rock hit his shield, it simply vaporised. Derek was stunned. How had he done that? He had just vaporised a melon-sized rock, using a defensive shield. Master Hector chuckled. “I knew you could do that”, he said, “That’s why I didn’t interfere. But what is interesting is that you didn’t create a blue Mage shield, you used an orange Earth Mage shield.” Derek was confused. “But master”, he said, “what’s the difference?” Hector answered, “A Mage shield is made using your Mage powers. When combined with Earth Magic, it forms a new type of power, commonly called Earth Mage power. In Mage societies, it’s called Ilhambra’s power.”

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