Book Review

#Book Title – Bombay Hangovers
Author – Rochelle Potkar

Published – 22 February 2021 / Buy on Amazon

The lives of numerous people come alive as if on screen. A beautiful rendering of the mundane life. Well researched – every topic the author has dealt with in each of the stories is unique and gives a depth of information to the initiated or initiates the ignorant. Every story has a gripping beginning, goes on flowing with ease that wraps one up in the folds of the ongoing events, be it the life of a hooker or a washerwoman, a corporate honcho, or a creative artist, and then ends with grace and feel-good factor. I am not much of a reader of this particular genre but wanted to try the book given the author’s bio which speaks multitude about her talent and I must say I didn’t regret. The book has left me longing for more.