The G’lander kids

The detour was a small one, hardly a couple of fathoms more than the usual way home. It was bordered by a line of very tall bushes and no one knew what lay beyond. At least the children of Giti’s age didn’t. He never asked his parents as he knew the answer he would get, “There is a time for everything”. Continue reading The G’lander kids

A Tour of Earth from L’Orgrehi

K’Rell was going to Earth, for a business deal. He was travelling in his one-person frigate, upgraded with state-of-the-art security and a powerful FTL engine. He had heard many stories about Earth, and how beautiful it was, both its urban side, and the Biomes. K’Rell was not impressed. Surely it could not be more beautiful than the great cities and vast natural parks of his home planet, L’Orgrehi? Continue reading A Tour of Earth from L’Orgrehi

On Amazon – E3PO talks love – Novella

Mohit fights his heart, as the world fights a pandemic; a generation later Neel, his grandson finds himself in the same soup, but will their escapades be identical? – A Cyborg explores. Continue reading On Amazon – E3PO talks love – Novella

Short Story: C for Choices

One day, long ago, I was sitting at a desk, doodling, instead of studying. I was quite intelligent, and I arrogantly believed that I could probably handle whatever tests and exams I had to give with a minimal amount of studying. Deep down, though, I probably knew that I had to study, and immerse myself in academics, if I wanted to succeed in life. Still, I lazed about and enjoyed myself by doing pointless things. Continue reading Short Story: C for Choices

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# A for Achievement
# B for Botticelli
# C for Choices
# The G’lander kids
#A Tour of Earth from L’Orgrehi

for 14+

# E3PO talks Love (Novella) – romance – Read the ebook on kindle
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# Ratified Murder – emotional
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